Ian Nessick


Ian Nessick has directed his creative energy back to his original calling as designer with a standalone store in Sydney and keen support from a growing client base. It follows several years forging a name for himself as a maverick retailer involving some of the more forward-thinking stores in Sydney and Melbourne.

As its name implies, Rudimentary Raiments offers a well-considered range of clothing for men and women. It draws upon Nessick’s British working class roots combined with a hint of the early colonial settlers that transplanted themselves to Australia in search of gold. Decent honest clothing – built to last with a focus on comfort. And enough discreet design twists coupled with on point colour shades to satisfy the contemporary market. 


Natural fabrics from Italy and Japan have been handcrafted by renowned local artisans to offer clothing with the patina of longstanding wardrobe favourites. Everything is produced in small batches and carefully limited to emphasise individuality. Nessick enjoys his moniker as Master Of The Crease. These are clothes that can be rolled up for travel, one firm shake upon arrival at your destination and you’re set. In other words… classic Antipodean pragmatism.